Infinite-Funds Phase 1

 See Team Build below for Phase 2

Ready for an exciting Life?

Recently I was contacted by one of my friends who sent me info on a pre-launch program called Infinite Funds. 


I was semi convinced after watching the attached You tube recording of one of their online meetings.  But I was really Convinced after I heard and felt the honesty of the owner Jason Bradley from Arizona.


The short story is that this is a crowd funding program that sells e-books and advertising.  Active and passive members can make an income. Everyone is PIF in to start.  


The long story is that it is multi matrix system, that starts with just 50 cents.  That will end up with a member having nine streams of income and hundreds if not thousands of paid re-entry positions all nine matrixes. And more to be added later.


A member may be totally passive or active. To inspire a person to be active they pay both a level commission a referral commission. NOT TO THE SPONSOR, but The member who has sponsored or PIF in at least 4 members, The higher matrixes have higher sponsor of PIF requirements, to get the extra referral commissions. 


To qualify for the early matrix referral commissions you need 4 people personally sponsored. There is a PIF pool and anyone you PIF for $1.00 will be your person. The maximum qualification is 16. To PIF 4 the cost is $2 and to PIF 16 $8.00 if you PIF your own people, or $4.00 and $16.00 from the PIF pool and you qualify for all matrix.


So you can be active or passive and you can purchase higher positions. The program is totally company forced. All matrixes are 4 wide by varying depths, except the $20 Fast which is 3 wide.


If you can’t get four people, no problem, you still get paid all the level commissions.                 


Check out this VIDEO


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What I did, was watch the video right through, then I watched it again using the start. stop to check out the various matrix costs, and sponsor requirements and payouts.


So if this clicks with you, you will see that it is both a long term and short term system and a person can be active or passive.  Everyone starts with 50 cents but you can purchase positions into the higher levels ranging from $5 to $200.


If after watching the video, this appeals to you sign up.


I am helping my people get their referrals so this link won't be mine but you will be part of my team.



You may have noticed I have not mentioned potential earnings.  Check out the video and see for yourself… It is quite mind blowing. Take note of levels 2,3,4, in any of the matrix as these are easy to reach multiple times. 



Wishing you all the very best. 

Roger Pepin



Get ready to make money

Infinite Funds Phase 2 Team Build

If you want to be part of our team build please read this very carefully and understand that we don’t plan on failing. So in order to be part of our team you will have to agree to the following.

We all know that many team build have failed because of lack of strategy. Most of the time only a few members are active. Some people ask for a position and take forever to pay for it or never pay. All this slows down everyone and at times creates problems in the placement. Or they buy other positions under themselves and mess the order, this won’t happen here.

To solve these problems I have set a strategy that everyone will follow. You will notice that the first 3 positions are team build spots that will be reinvesting every penny they generate to help the team. I will be setting every account for ALL the participants and send you your URL and login information.



Everyone that wants to be part of our team will have to send me a minimum of $24.00, which will give you 3 - $7.50 Entry positions in our team I said a minimum of $24.00 but it can be more if you want 2 packages send $48.00. Or $72.00 for 3 packages.

Important every time you want more packages you have to fill this form.

Fill this FORM to join our TEAM

But the minimum that ALL have to do every time they cycle each level is right below here.

Important every purchase must be the Entry position for 3 - $7.50 entry. With us you get 3 positions. We do not buy into the other two levels, the system upgrades us automatically.

Make payment to this BTC Address: (copy and paste to have it right)



The Matrix are:

$7.50 – pays $10.00 you will get 3 of them so when you cycle you get $30.00 reinvest $24.00 to get 1 more package. Keep $6.00

$30.00 – pays $40.00 – keep $16.00 get 1 more package $24.00

$200.00 – pays $1600.00 – keep $1240.00 get 15 more packages $360.00

This is what you have to reinvest in order to stay in our team. 


We can only buy into the $7.50 level, the company does not let us buy in the higher levels, we are upgraded to these levels automatically when we cycle the previous level.

There is a spreadsheet visible to all our members to see our progress and the integrity of our team. You will get a copy of it in your welcome email.

All request will be handled from this form and processed in order they appear on the form.

Fill this FORM to join our TEAM


We also have a main link that you can use to buy 1 position at a time at the cost of $7.50. This still puts you in our team and help fills the empty spots.

To further help for every 3 positions you purchase 1 will be placed in the main link.

Everyone is welcome to purchase from this link as often as you want.  No need to fill the form for this one. Go help your team:


Join our Facebook Group to get all the updates and to get your questions answered.  

Some members of our team have admitted they were not recruiters and feel bad that they are not doing their part to help. And they ask if they could PIF people in. I have no problems with that so you will notice on the form now you have a place where you can PIF one or two people.

If you want to be PIF in you have to do the following: On the join link where it asks for “Bitcoin Hash Tag (Proof of Payment)”  put “PIF”

And where it asks for “Your BTC Wallet Address you Used” put “PIF” . Plus pick the PIF option.

We will PIF you when some money is available to do so. BUT we will only PIF you if you are a member of our Facebook Group, the link is just above this.

Everyone will be put in the main account just above the team build and will help fill the open spots.

We would love to pay your way in but when you have made enough money we would like you to buy a pack in our team build also.

For every 10 that the team PIF in I will do 1 , RP.


ALSO if you are not part of IF phase 1 I would recommend you join, because the portion from phase 2 that is design to help phase 1 is giving positions to members that are already in phase 1.

Must understand this to succeed in MLM a must see video





Your team leader

Roger Pepin


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